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At RXD we work on a wide range of projects in a videography and photography capacity.

Currently, we are primarily focused on delivering 

branded/promotional content, music videos, fashion films and feature/short films.


Nothing excites us more than collaborating with you to design a vision for your project.

Once we receive an enquiry we work to deliver creative concepts and practical plans to make your vision a reality.

From producing, casting, delivering creative treatments all the way to booking equipment, studio spaces and locations, we possess the knowledge and resources to make planning your project as effortless as possible for you.


 This is where the magic happens. We put together highly skilled crews to capture your projects, whether they are videos or photography.

With access to a wide range of resources, we put together crews that deliver the highest quality at the most affordable rate possible.

This includes Directors, Producers, Camera Teams, Hair and Make Up Artists, Stylists and  Sound Recordists to name a few, based on the requirements of your project.



Here is where it all comes together.

We specialise in delivering creative and innovative edits. With our background being primarily in post-production, we have the tools and know how to deliver films and photos of high aesthetic quality.

Our services in post-production include editing, color grading, visual effects and sound design.


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